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Laura Hartman
Posted by Laura HartmanAugust 11, 2017 10:51 AM

Preparing for a tradeshow is no small task; there are numerous moving parts and you may easily find yourself overwhelmed remembering all of the necessary steps. While a tradeshow may feel like its lightyears away, it’ll sneak up on you quickly—especially if you don’t stay on top of those deadlines! We’ve created a simple timeline to help you keep major preparations leading up to the tradeshow on track and to remind you of the makings of a well-rounded tradeshow presence that need to be addressed. Use it as a reference for planning out dates for when to get the ball rolling on all the different tasks!

DMA_TradeshowPrep-infographic.pngNeed tradeshow preparation help or want to come up with a strategy to delight and excite potential customers and leads more than ever before or during the show? We can help!


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