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10 Tips for Growing Fresh Produce Talent

Posted by: Marci Allen

Mar 18, 2016 12:33:16 PM

Ten is the magic number for new talent in the fresh produce industry. The Center for Growing Talent by PMA recently launched the 10 for Talent fundraising campaign with a goal to get 10,000 produce and floral professionals to give $10 in celebration of their 10 years growing talent in the industry. DMA is excited to support this effort and we encourage you to do the same!

So to keep the magic 10s coming, we wanted to share 10 tips for connecting with and strengthening young talent coming into your organization:

  1. Identify potential talent by actively engaging with college communities and offering to speak at student organizations about the industry. You can also post job opportunities to the organization Facebook and Twitter pages, and offer to mentor students at local universities.

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Are You a Young Professional Attending Fresh Summit?

Posted by: Mackenzie Michel

Aug 14, 2015 10:11:00 AM

Our friends at the PMA Foundation are constantly working to create opportunities and helpful resources to develop fresh produce professionals. We’re especially excited about an upcoming webinar geared towards young professionals attending Fresh Summit. We’re very passionate about recruiting more young talent to our industry, so if you’re a young professional gearing up for the event, we can’t wait to share our experience with you and have an open dialogue about what to expect in Atlanta.

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7 Tips for Recruiting the Right Interns

Posted by: Megan Zweig

Apr 24, 2015 10:54:17 AM

As our company grows and as the practice of marketing evolves, recruiting the right people can often be a challenge for me as a relatively new entrant into the human resources area of the business – and this includes interns. When it comes to hiring, we’ve learned just how imperative one person’s impact can be on the health of our team and organization, even as a part-time worker or college student. When done well, an exceptional recruiting strategy can serve as a long-term, sustainable succession and leadership opportunity, and recruiting the right interns can help you mold polished, future full-time employees for your business.

When we recruit marketers to work at DMA Solutions, we’re looking for people with a “marketing it factor” that are not only prepared to do the work outlined in the job description but also people that can adapt to the ever changing environment (of marketing, DMA and the produce industry) with a healthy attitude, sense of ownership, and passion for the work that we do on a daily basis.

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8 Steps to Building an Effective Recruitment Plan

Posted by: Megan Zweig

Feb 10, 2015 12:47:00 PM

Hiring the right talent for your next available marketing position starts with a great recruitment plan. Take it from me, after a solid year of leading the process at DMA, I’ve learned some lessons and developed practices that will help us to secure the right talent for our company. Before you start your next search or approach your human resources team to find your next marketing superstar, use the tips below to complement your process along the way.

1. Post your job description online. The savvy marketer that you’re seeking to fill your next available marketing position will likely conduct his/her research online. According to an article published by Millennial Branding citing the Multi-Generational Job Search Study 2014 in May 2014, 45% of HR professionals find candidates on online job boards followed by their company website.With websites readily available like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed and the PMA Foundation, as an employer you have many online job posting websites to consider when broadcasting your available positions.

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Recruiting and Hiring Interns: Steps to Success

Posted by: DMA Solutions Team

Feb 6, 2015 11:02:37 AM

It’s hard to think of summer with winter still hanging around, but students are already actively seeking internships that will further their careers and give them something productive to do during the summer months. These jobs help prepare them to enter the job market and pinpoint exactly what kind of work they would like to pursue post-grad. Most universities have prerequisite requirements for internship experience, resulting in an increased demand of students seeking companies that offer these opportunities. Interns are a great solution for the companies that hire them as well, because they are your future talent and can add a unique perspective.

Fresh out of the intern phase of my own career, I can recall a multitude of memories and a plethora of knowledge I gained as a social media intern at DMA Solutions. So what would I recommend to fresh produce companies seeking to hire interns like me? It’s essential that you set your interns up for success by thinking ahead. Planning is the key step in a successful and mutually beneficially relationship between a company and its talent. Here are the 6 steps that DMA took to plan and enhance my internship experience:

1) Identify the purpose of your internship program.
Are you hiring an intern to complete projects for a specific area of your business? Or, are you hiring interns as part of a full-time recruitment program? Whichever the circumstance, outlining the purpose for an intern will help determine their expectations in the company as well as add value to a well-rounded internship experience.

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