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Meet Your Next Intern at Viva Fresh

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Mar 11, 2016 5:43:09 PM

AggiesForFresh_logo_PNG.pngHeaded to Viva Fresh this year? Be on the lookout for some fresh new faces from Texas A&M University who could be the next generation of superstars in our industry. The six top-performing students will attend Viva Fresh as a part of a scholarship from the Aggies for Fresh campaign, and were hand-picked by our own Dan’l Mackey Almy. We’re excited to introduce these students to the fresh produce industry during the show while showcasing the vast career opportunities that exist- from food safety to marketing.

So, what is Aggies for Fresh?

Aggies for Fresh is a campaign created to recruit students from Texas A&M University to the industry that grows, ships, markets and sells fresh fruits and vegetables around the world on a daily basis. Industry champion Dan′l Mackey Almy ’94 and her husband Andrew Almy ’94 founded Aggies for Fresh in 2014 to inspire fellow Aggies to pursue a career in the fresh produce industry, and it’s been growing ever since.

DMA Solutions is excited to host these talented Aggies for the first time at the Viva Fresh Expo in partnership with the Texas International Produce Association, and hope to accelerate the relationship of the fresh produce industry with Texas A&M by creating these connections. “I believe Texas A&M has a wealth of premier talent that our industry needs to flourish. We strive to position fresh produce at A&M as a purposeful and valuable career option,” says Dan’l. We sincerely hope you’ll introduce yourselves to our guests after they’re introduced at the Saturday breakfast and encourage you to connect with them throughout the show.

Here’s an introduction to the students who will be walking the show floor with the DMA team at Viva Fresh:

alonso.jpgName: Alonso Villaran

Graduation Date: May 2016

Major: Master’s of Agribusiness       

Employment Interests: Full-Time Employment

“The Viva Fresh Produce Expo is an excellent opportunity to create a valuable network and learn more about career opportunities in the fresh produce industry. The participation of growers, shippers, wholesalers, retailers and food service buyers will connect me to several industry leaders. I am interested in developing my skills within the fresh produce industry by working at the pre-harvest or post-harvest levels of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Sarah.pngName: Sarah Bockholt

Graduation Date: May 2016

Major: Agricultural Communications and Journalism

Employment Interests: Full-Time Employment

“I am honored to be attending the Viva Fresh Expo as a student and hope to gain valuable knowledge about the fresh produce industry. My goal after this expo is to be able to highlight the work of the fresh produce industry to my peers and others around me.”

Maricella.jpgName: Maricella Gomez

Graduation Date: 2017

Major: Master’s of Food Science      

Employment Interests: Internship (Currently)

“I hope to gain insight in the produce industry by having the opportunity to network with current, experienced and well known industry leaders and business owners at the Viva Fresh Produce Expo. As a food science major, I haven’t had the opportunity to fully engage and experience the fresh produce side of the food industry. I believe this would be an amazing gateway for me to experience the fresh produce industry. I am interested in companies that make fresh produce food products and educate the market and consumers of the science and phytochemical composition that makes fresh produce healthy and nutritious.”

Katy-625986-edited.jpgName: Katy Crocker

Graduation Date: December 2016

Major: Agricultural Economics            

Employment interests: Internship

“I am excited to meet forward-thinking exhibitors and attendees in the fresh produce industry at Viva Fresh. I am looking forward to learning about the industry and groups involved in it! I am interested in economic growth in developing nations and after graduation I am planning to start a non-profit providing micro loans to youth. “

Brooke.pngName: Brooke Prather

Graduation Date: May 2016

Major: Master’ s of Agricultural Communications and Journalism

Employment Interests: Full-Time Employment

“Attending the Viva Fresh Produce Expo will provide me with an opportunity to not only learn more about the fresh produce industry but also engage and network with industry leaders. I plan to take advantage of every opportunity that is provided to me at the conference by attending the educational speaker sessions and seminars and introducing myself to industry leaders present at the trade show. I am also looking forward to networking and collaborating with fellow Aggies for Fresh.”

Jackie.pngName: Jackie Parker

Graduation Date: May 2017

Major: Nutritional Sciences                 

Employment Interests: Summer Internship

“I am ecstatic to attend Viva Fresh to learn more about the growing fresh produce industry, along with meeting current industry professionals. I look forward to finding potential summer internship opportunities that combine my passion for nutrition and agriculture.”

To download extended student bios or to schedule an interview at Viva Fresh, click here:

Download Full Student Bios


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