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Kelsey Byrnes
Posted by Kelsey ByrnesApril 11, 2017 10:53 AM

iStock-542567880-693914-edited.jpgFresh produce marketers, we want to change your mindset when it comes to websites! We often speak with marketers who view websites as a temporary project that is finished when the website launches. We employ you to think about your website differently: it’s a continual process and deserves to be viewed as a living, breathing part of your brand. This means that if you haven’t updated your website in several years, you might need a new one altogether.

So how often should you update your website? The answer is that you can’t update it often enough! By viewing your website as an ongoing process that requires consistent thought and upkeep, you might actually save yourself from having to completely redesign it every 3 – 5 years. The following best practices will not only keep you ahead of the game, but will make your next website redesign a lot less painful, too.

Make your website “dynamic”

Dynamic content refers to content that is adaptive or “smart,” and changes based on the past behaviors and preferences of the viewer. Incorporating this type of content using a Content Management System, along with regularly updating your site’s visual assets and copy will improve your online presence and keep your audience coming back for more. You can create graphics and features on your home page that can be swapped out regularly to fit with seasonal product features, and you can consider creating a blog to generate more content that will improve SEO.

Transform it with technology

Your audience doesn’t just crave new content, they demand up-to-date user-friendly functionality. From a unique, personalized experience to cutting-edge advances, your website should be on-trend and feature the latest bells and whistles; these 10 website trends are a must. It might seem unnecessary to you, but your audience will notice and spend even more time browsing your website and digesting YOUR content. Not to mention, you’ll avoid a makeover with a hefty price tag by updating regularly.

Say hello to software updates

If you use a Content Management System like HubSpot or WordPress, there are critical updates that are continuously being released. These updates fix security bugs that make your site susceptible to hacking and should NOT be ignored. Staying on top of your particular platform’s updates will keep your website and your audience protected from any developing threats and ultimately improves your online presence.

Following these best practices will set you up for success in the long run. If you need help updating your current website, let us know!

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