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Allison Autrey
Posted by Allison AutreyApril 12, 2017 10:04 AM

CoreBanner_Userfriendly.pngAccording to Kissmetrics, 47% of people expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. Old, outdated websites have a tendency to take longer to load, therefore you risk frustrating the end-user in the process. In addition to this, if your website is difficult to navigate and you have content buried in pages where it won’t get found easily, you’re also damaging your overall user-experience. You could lose valuable customers and brand enthusiasts the longer you proceed with an outdated website.

As an avid technology user, millennial and cell phone addict, I personally do not enjoy visiting websites that are either not mobile-friendly or take longer than a few seconds to load. One of my FAVORITE features on websites that I visit (dare I say, that I expect to see when I visit you online), is the little lightning bolt in the corner that tells me that the page will load super-fast. Your end consumer might think the same way, especially if you’re targeting tech-savvy millennials.

If your website is more than a few years old, it’s likely not optimized to the standard that most internet users are accustomed to when it comes to their everyday experience browsing the web. When you think about it, we breeze through hundreds of pieces of content in any given day- social media posts, journal articles, emails, websites, you name it. Would you take the time to read something that is not easy to read and takes forever to navigate or load? Looking at your bounce rate through Google analytics will indicate to you if people quickly leave your site due to a frustrating user-experience.

With over 114 million smart phone users in America alone, it's impractical to think that your target market is not trying to access your site on their phone. New technology is continuously fine-tuning and honing the customer experience- and your website should also be a living, breathing, constantly evolving and updated asset to your company if you expect it to be an effective tool for growing your business and engaging consumers.

So, don’t you think it’s worth it to take the time to make sure your visitors experience your brand the way you’d want them to experience it? If you’re not sure where your website stands or if it needs a facelift, our website assessment can help. Contact us to learn more!

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