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365 Days of Seth Godin

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Feb 15, 2013 6:30:00 AM

365 Days of Seth

Starting the New Year off with resolutions is a common occurrence for me. Over the past few years my go-to resolutions have consisted of eating fresh and exercise. But this year I wanted to do something different, generous and inspiring.

Then it hit me. As an early riser, each morning I wake up to a perfectly brewed latte personally delivered to me in bed by Drew and a simple email from best-selling author/blogger Seth Godin in my inbox. For years, I've cherished this 15 minute routine and the selfless gestures from two of the coolest guys I know. And since Drew isn’t interested in opening up a coffee shop, I decided perhaps sharing my inspirations from Seth might be a better use of my resolution.

365 Days of Kids
365 Days of Seth

I have been a fan of Seth’s books since 2004 and we introduced you to this wise, marketing soothsayer and his blog almost four years ago. Without fail, he delivers an inspirational and often challenging blog post daily. The content in Seth’s timely messages often either directly or closely relates to feelings or issues that I’m facing at that point in my life – whether as a marketer, a business owner or as a human being. His commitment to writing daily has helped me see more clearly the act of creating and sharing art and the result – connection.


So as the calendar turned to 2013, I decided to turn my devotion to his teachings into art by sharing an inspirational Seth quote or comment for 365 days. After choosing a pearl of his wisdom each day, I create an image and publish it via Instagram and Twitter with a personal comment and a simple hashtag I created for this journey, #365ofSeth.

365 Days of Seth
365 Days of Seth

Forty-five days into my journey, I am feeling pretty good that my art is in motion and is making a connection. If you would like to see more you can follow the hashtag #365ofSeth on Instagram (I am @fresheater) or Twitter (I am @whynotfresh). I hope that Seth’s daily wisdom inspires, challenges and energizes each of you as it does for me.

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