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10 Steps for Organizing a Successful Pinterest Party

Mackenzie Michel DMA Solutions Core Blog Author

Posted by Mackenzie Michel

Apr 2, 2014 5:02:00 AM

pnWe’re social folks here at DMA, so we’re all about making appearances at the next big party or event, even on social media! We love Twitter chats and parties, but hosting a Pinterest party or promotion is proving to be another smart tactic for business to try in order to engage directly with qualified consumers. Since we know that 80% of Pinterest users are women that love to share food related content, Pinterest is exactly the place fresh produce marketers can hang out to motivate food-centric consumers to think and talk about your brand. Here are 10 steps to host your own Pinterest party or promotion and generate traffic to your website:

1. Identify your target audience.

First thing’s first: who are you trying to reach? If you’re after males between 30 and 60, you may want to re-think having a Pinterest party considering 80% of Pinterest users are women. For fresh produce companies, you’re likely trying to reach busy moms, health nuts, foodies and chefs, or even food bloggers. Once you’ve defined your niche target, you can generate a promotion that appeals directly to their unique interests.

2. Determine objectives and set goals.

Next, identify what you want participants to walk away from your promotion with. Do you want to provide them with recipes and drive traffic to your website? Do you want them learn about a new product you are launching and how to use it? Or do you want them to download something from you or enter a sweepstakes on your website? Once you know what the overall objective is, you can set goals for your promotion. We recommend setting goals for traffic generation to your site, new Pinterest followers, repins, and reach.

3. Choose a format for your party or promotion.

There are many different ways you can have a party or promote your brand through Pinterest. Giving away prizes encourages community engagement over a shared topic that all participants will pin for, whether individually or to a group board. Theme focused parties promote traffic to your website and can last for a full day where influencers are invited to pin to one board to match a theme. Consider which will best suit your objective.

4. Select promotion start dates and end dates.

Selecting a date and time will depend on your format. For example, some promotions can last for one full-day between 8 am and 10 pm and some can simply be one hour long in the evening on a weeknight. You could even allow participants to pin for a week or more – you have creative license to determine your “sweet sauce” here!

5. Select a pin destination, hashtag and co-hosts.

Once you have a date(s) in mind, it’s time to determine where participants will pin to, (a shared board or create their own individual boards?) and select a hashtag to catalog the conversation. Similar to Twitter, selecting a hashtag will help you monitor people’s participation and promote the party on additional social networks. Consider working with a blogger host to generate more reach and establish credibility for your party.

6. Draft a promotion plan.

Don’t forget to map out goals and create a step-by-step plan for launch, including sending “invitations” to the party! Work with your host or team to devise a strategic plan that will ensure you leave no stone unturned when it comes to promotion – your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, advertising, email marketing, etc.

7. Create the party board.

About one week prior to the party it’s time to create the party board! Whether your participants will pin directly to this board or create similar boards of their own, creating this board a week or so in advance will allow you to draw attention to the party and promote it further across all social networks.

8. Host the party with gusto.

When the time comes, show up and be ready to engage in pins, comments on participants’ pins and boards, following and re-pinning participants, and engaging on other social media platforms like Twitter using the hashtag throughout the party. Time to be the “hostess with the mostess!”

9. Evaluate your results.

Pinterest analytics are located within your profile and usually populate within 36 hours of the party based on our experience. Report and measure on reach, re-pins, number of pinners, number of boards or new pins, etc. Be sure to take a look at your website analytics during the promotion period as well to measure traffic goals, clicks and referral source traffic via Pinterest.

10. Deliver prizes and nurture party participants.

After the party concludes it’s time to thank your guests and nurture them. If you opted to deliver prizes, now is the time to fulfill these and send a note along letting winners know to continue interacting with your brand. Keep up with the participants by repinning and engaging with them on Pinterest or other social networks and they’ll be more likely to participate in your future promotions.

Pinterest is a blast to work with, even more so for us as fresh produce marketers! Creative connections with consumers on sites like Pinterest are just one way our industry can work to go above and beyond to increase consumption and generate brand influence for food that is grown.

Don’t be late to the party – create a Pinterest strategy that will work for you and generate more traffic to your website with the Produce Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest.

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