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Escape Brand Stagnation: 3 Keys to Stand Out on Social Media

Posted by: DMA Solutions Team

Aug 10, 2016 11:50:29 AM

We love our comfort zones. Very few people truly enjoy stepping out into the “unknown” and taking risks. If you’re the type of person that is afraid to go against the grain and do something different, then it’s possible that will translate into your brand’s marketing as well. If your marketing efforts are just making you blend in, then what’s the point? You should desire to be different because being different gets attention. Here are three ways you can take your brand outside of its “comfort zone” to stand out on social media immediately.

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Topics: Social & Mobile Media

United Fresh 2016: What Blew Us Away

Posted by: DMA Solutions Team

Jun 27, 2016 1:15:37 PM

One thing was clear during this year’s 2016 United Fresh Produce Show: marketing matters and has become a priority for fresh produce brands who want to be competitive, relevant, and successful AND who want to increase consumption of their products. During this year’s show we noticed that social media was embraced across the show floor and words like “reaching millennials” were repeated more times than we can count.

We were thrilled to see these and more marketing signals throughout the expo, and we were blown away by several of your new products and promotion efforts. Here’s what blew us away in Chicago:

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Topics: Events & Sponsorships

Before You Ask About Social Media ROI, Consider This

Posted by: DMA Solutions Team

Jun 8, 2016 11:11:36 AM

At some point on your social media journey, you’ve probably asked: “What am I getting in return from the investment I’m putting in to social media?” It’s a valid question. After all, you’re investing valuable resources: your money, and even bigger, your TIME. But what often gets forgotten when this question is asked is that we are marketing through a relationship driven channel. You have to first look at your ability to create relationships with social media before you can start to measure success from a sales perspective. If you’ve grappled with the question of social media ROI at any point, I’d invite you to consider a few social media truths:

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Topics: Social & Mobile Media

Don’t Cheat the Algorithms: 3 Keys to Maintain Social Media Success

Posted by: DMA Solutions Team

May 4, 2016 10:37:10 AM

What is the purpose of social media marketing?

If you answered, “to build relationships,” then you are correct. As marketers we say this constantly, but sometimes I am concerned that collectively we do not understand how to execute on this truth. Why? Look around at the state of the major social media platforms: there are algorithms going into effect that are designed to keep marketing messages to a minimum  on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

One could argue a variety of reasons for why these algorithms exist, but at the core of it, they exist for one reason: to sift through all the marketing “nonsense” on social media, and deliver to people the content they really desire to see.

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Topics: Social & Mobile Media

The Untapped Potential of Your Sustainability Story

Posted by: DMA Solutions Team

Apr 8, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Guest Blog Post Written (Originally Posted on April 17, 2015) by Nikki Rodoni, Founding principal of Measure To Improve, LLC (MTI)

Sustainability isn’t a new concept for our industry. In fact, sustainability has always been a part of the DNA of most farming/processing operations – we just haven’t always communicated our efforts very well in our marketing.

The reality is that our industry has long been making widespread efforts to improve resource consumption through increased efficiencies - being able to produce more with less, taking good care of our employees and simply staying in business by innovating along the way.

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