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In college, I dreamt that one day I’d pen speeches for The President. And even though my writing style, at times, is more Animal House than House of Cards, I believe that powerful messages can be effectively delivered in unexpected ways. I love to surprise readers of The Core by extracting relatable marketing lessons from seemingly mundane or off-the-wall sources & stories and presenting them with a new perspective.
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Earn $55M Worth of Marketing Results for Much (Much) Less

Posted by: Brock Nemecek

Feb 15, 2017 11:46:24 AM

After Mother Nature dealt growers and brands like Wonderful® Pistachios years of less-than-ideal growing conditions, in 2016 she finally lightened up and restored bounty to the pistachio category.  For Wonderful®, a record-setting harvest meant two things: They had to move much more product and they had an amazing opportunity to share the stories and many benefits of pistachios to millions people. So, late last year, Wonderful® Pistachios launched their largest advertising campaign to date – to the tune of $55 million.

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An Open Letter to Michelle Obama: Let’s (Still) Move!

Posted by: Brock Nemecek

Jan 18, 2017 11:26:50 AM

Dear Mrs. Obama,

In the words of the iconic 90’s boy band, Boyz II Men, “It’s so hard to say goodbye…”  But that’s not the main reason for my letter (I prefer “see ya later”).  I’m actually writing in hopes that we won’t have to say goodbye to your Let’s Move initiative and all of the good work that your passion project has accomplished over your past two terms as our nation’s First Lady.

We in the fresh produce industry proudly support your efforts, specifically focusing our time, energy and charitable giving to promote the Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools campaign, a passion project of our own.

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What Are Your Marketing Priorities in 2017?

Posted by: Brock Nemecek

Nov 22, 2016 10:05:14 AM

The clock is ticking.  I can’t even believe that I’m about to type these words…  There are less than six weeks remaining in 2016, which means that we’re practically in Q2 of 2017 already.  OK, so maybe that’s a stretch. BUT! It’s certainly not too soon (or too late) to identify and prioritize your marketing initiatives for the New Year. 

We are in the thick of this planning process for our clients and ourselves and will be focusing a great deal of attention on this topic right here on The Core over the next several weeks. 

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Is Your Web Copy Consumer-Friendly?

Posted by: Brock Nemecek

Sep 20, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Digital and social media present opportunities for fresh produce brands to directly connect and engage with shoppers/end-consumers.  That direct connection makes it vitally important for your brand to be speaking their language – in other words, delivering consumer-friendly speak that is welcoming, informative and, ideally, personalized.  While crafting new web copy (or translating existing messaging into web or social copy) isn’t easy, it shouldn’t require a Rosetta Stone purchase either.  Below are several keys to recognizing and crafting consumer-friendly copy for your website and other digital platforms.

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Four Can’t Miss Opportunities During The Washington Conference

Posted by: Brock Nemecek

Aug 31, 2016 12:09:02 PM

Ahhhhh, Washington DC in the fall of a presidential election year – there’s nothing quite like it!  For political junkies like me, the city’s powerful, frenzied energy is almost intoxicating.  Needless to say, we’re looking forward to The Washington Conference – United Fresh Produce Association’s (UFPA) policy-focused event, September 12-14, 2016.  Even more than re-enacting some of our favorite scenes from House of Cards, the DMA team is most excited about these available opportunities:

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