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Kendra Knieriem
Posted by Kendra KnieriemAugust 12, 2016 10:38 AM

IGanalytics_post.pngThey’re here, they’re here! Instagram analytics have officially arrived for one of our favorite social media platforms. Although we’ve previously had alternative methods of reporting Instagram analytics, they are now available for business profiles within the app itself. Not only does this improve accuracy, but it is also a huge timesaver!

Taking a first look at these analytics we can see the three main areas that they are reporting on: Impressions, Reach, and Engagement.

Impressions count the total number of times your post has been seen.

Reach measures the number of unique accounts that have seen your post.image1.png

Engagement measures the number of likes and comments received.

These measures are available for each individual post which has been posted since your Instagram account has been listed as a business profile.

In addition to reporting on impressions, reach, and engagement, Instagram analytics also report data on your account’s followers. This data breaks down your audience’s gender, age range, top locations, and the times/days your followers are most active on Instagram. Since the unveiling of Instagram advertising, these analytics go hand-in-hand to help analyze the success of your ads.

Although they took a while to get here, these analytics were definitely worth the wait. We are so excited to incorporate these analytics into our daily monitoring and help build our client’s Instagram accounts day after day! If you’re still getting started on Instagram, check out our tips and tricks to help you take like-worthy photos: http://thecore.dma-solutions.com/how-to-take-instagram-worthy-photos

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