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Kendra Knieriem
Posted by Kendra KnieriemApril 18, 2017 11:49 AM

iStock-531316848-086562-edited.jpgEarth Day is one of several spring holidays that fresh produce marketers should take full advantage of. This holiday opens doors for brands to step in and teach eco-conscious people about their company’s sustainability efforts and commitment to the environment. Throughout the next week, consider one of these approaches to engage with your audience and tap into #EarthDay.

Share Your Sustainability Story

Believe it or not, people really do care about the faces behind your brand and all that they do to make your brand efficient and environmentally friendly. Take this opportunity to showcase your efforts and get your story out there whether it’s through a blog post, a page on your website or individual posts about the people who work on your sustainability efforts. Your audience will have the opportunity to ultimately feel more connected after seeing all that you do to give back to mother earth.

Showcase Your Fields

The only thing people will love more than hearing about your sustainability efforts is seeing them in action. Give your audience a peek into your fields (maybe with a little video action, or Facebook Live!) and demonstrate exactly how you stay green on the job. When people can see exactly where their products are coming from, they will be more inclined to begin or continue purchasing them.

Inform Consumers about Your Products

How do you carry your sustainability practices over into the packaging and final product that your audience can find on the shelf? Think about messaging that will help your audience understand that your practices go full circle, from the field to your packaging. Try giving them an opportunity to experience this first hand by giving away products and coupons on Earth Day! 

Get Involved With your Community

Is a local school or charity taking donations to start a garden? Maybe a local organization is coming together to plant trees? Perhaps you can donate several pounds of fresh, healthy product to your local food bank. No matter the opportunity, get out there and join in the fun! Giving back to your community will create a strong foundation for you to build an emotional connection with not only your local fans, but your wider audience as well.  

Discover How Your Consumers Take Part in the Day

Earth Day doesn’t have to be all about what you’re doing, in fact, it shouldn’t be! Ask your audience how they stay sustainable and celebrate Earth Day. Not only will this spark conversation within your online community, but you’ll also get insight into what is most important to your audience in regards to the holiday. This information can easily be used when it comes to planning future content for your brand to share.

How will your brand be present on Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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