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Sharon Fox
Posted by Sharon FoxAugust 9, 2016 2:18 PM

VOice_post.pngAs marketers, we sometimes focus so much on numbers that we forget about heart.

While there are plenty of technical things we can do to turn the dial up on ROI and sales, the driving force of a brand and its longevity has less to do with numbers and more to do with its voice.

Some brands make the mistake of trying so hard to be perfect in all of their digital communications that they end up coming off as robotic or stale. People appreciate personality and are drawn to a voice that feels human – a brand that is more than just a brand.

Consider these 5 things when forming or refining your brand voice:

Persona: Who are you as a brand? What kind of person is it? What does your brand persona stand for?

Tone: Personal? Humble? Scientific? Playful? If your brand were a person, how would they be described?

Language: Is your phrasing easy to understand? Complex? Serious? Slang-filled?

Purpose: Are you trying to… Entertain? Inform? Sell? Inspire? Keep in mind that brands that stay in business tend to have long-term goals – in addition to sales.

Evolution: Don’t be afraid to change with the times. As your relationships lengthen and your brand audience grows, they’ll be more inclined to stay loyal to a brand that evolves with them.

Take a minute to think about brands that have a clearly defined personality and voice, like Starbucks. Their success and continued growth is partially due to their voice. Brands like this change with trends in food, social media, and fashion. Of course they have the dollars to push their way across markets, but remember that they were once start-ups, too, just looking for a voice and a way to grow!

If you need more inspiration, you should look at some of the brands you know and love – as you build and refine your voice don’t be afraid to look to a brand idol. You don’t need to plagiarize their art or language, but think of how they make you feel and take the time to think through how your brand can emulate that feeling.

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