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Starbucks Encourages Job Creation

Friday, November 11th, 2011

To want more jobs in the U.S. and to actively do something to create jobs are two very different things. Wanting, demanding and expecting rarely gets much accomplished, but when “doing” is part of the plan, things can happen.

This notion became very clear to me on Sunday as I read one of my favorite blogs before heading to New York. I instantly became overwhelmed by David Armano’s personal story and his connection to Starbucks’ commitment to help create “American Jobs.” Being an entrepreneur myself, I can understand why he wanted to support the initiative. My assumption at first was that with over 7,000 stores, Starbucks IS creating a lot of jobs… but as I learned more about Create Jobs for USA, I started realizing how different this “cause marketing” effort truly was. In short, Starbucks is partnering with Opportunity Finance Network to provide financing to community businesses that will benefit from assistance and, in turn, create jobs.

Honestly, I believe the job creation movement is already in motion in many ways, but the reality is that “jobs” are not going to just start themselves. They must be created… and that requires A LOT of “doing” and in many different ways. After reading the post and reading both negative and positive comments from others on Twitter, etc., I proudly walked into a Starbucks in New York City and purchased a bracelet. I wore it all weekend, continue to wear it, and I am happy to share why I wear it with people who ask.

Our “jobs” problem in the U.S. will not come close to being fixed by my $5.00 gesture or yours, but it reminds me of how important my role as an active small business employer, $4.00 coffee drinker, and a person who can chooses to be a part of a solution really is.

Posted by: The Entertainer (Dan’l Mackey Almy)

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