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Reasons We’re Already Loving the 2016 Tour de Fresh

Posted by: Kelsey Byrnes

Feb 12, 2016 1:33:21 PM

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and love is in the air! This year we have a very special collective crush at DMA Solutions… we’re falling hard for the 2016 Tour de Fresh and what’s in store! Below we’ve listed 6 reasons why you’ll love the 2016 Tour de Fresh, too.

  1. There are Two Events: This year there’s not one, but TWO Tour de Fresh events for you to look forward to! That means double the opportunity to truly make a difference in schools across the country… and well, double the Chamois Butt’r.

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You Can Still Maximize 2016’s Top 5 Resolutions

Posted by: Marci Allen

Feb 10, 2016 10:43:04 AM

It may be February, but people are still working hard to maintain their resolutions. It’s probably no surprise to you that the top two resolutions this year are health related according to Nielsen. As it does every year, this presents a great opportunity for fresh produce companies to create a connection with consumers and a foundation on which to nurture that relationship throughout the year.

From nutritional information and meal inspiration to fitness tips and wellness messages, fresh produce aligns perfectly with every aspect of health, fitness and weight loss. This is the obvious way to tap into consumer resolutions – but if you look beyond health and weight, you’ll find that the opportunities for our industry’s marketers only broaden.

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5 Webinars You Need to Watch in 2016

Posted by: Kendra Knieriem

Feb 9, 2016 11:34:29 AM

As social media evolves, there is always an abundance of information and new tips that marketers need to be aware of. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but with the help of digital marketing professionals from all over we find ourselves able to explore tons of resources to help us gain the information we need to succeed. Reading through article after article can get time consuming, so we enjoy having webinars available to help teach us what we need to know in an hour or less. Not to mention, if you can watch a webinar live there is often a chance to ask our own questions and get real-time answers. We’ve picked out 5 of our favorite recently recorded webinars plus one live opportunity that our fellow digital marketers should have on their radar!

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Super Bowl 50 Marketing Lessons and Revelations

Posted by: DMA Solutions Team

Feb 8, 2016 12:10:53 PM

Advertising’s biggest night of the year is not only a guaranteed time for laughs, celebrity cameos and delicious snacks, it also marks an important night for marketers everywhere to connect to their audiences. What used to be an exclusive invitation for big brands that can afford to shell out millions is now a multi-channel party for marketers of all budgets to engage and share experiences – which includes fresh produce marketers! Here are our big revelations from last night’s game:

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2016 Website Resolutions

Posted by: Mackenzie Michel

Feb 3, 2016 10:11:13 AM

We’re a month into 2016, and by this time the gyms are starting to become less crowded and healthy choices are starting to slip for many resolution-setters. And just as fresh produce marketers are taking to social media to encourage consumers to stick to their goals, we want to encourage fresh produce marketers to do the same with their efforts! If you have your sights set on building a new website for your company in 2016 but you haven’t outlined a formal plan or goals, this list of website resolutions will help you make progress on this seemingly daunting task. Here are our website recommendations for fresh produce marketers to consider:

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