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7 Tips for Recruiting the Right Interns

Posted by: Megan Zweig

Apr 24, 2015 10:54:17 AM

As our company grows and as the practice of marketing evolves, recruiting the right people can often be a challenge for me as a relatively new entrant into the human resources area of the business – and this includes interns. When it comes to hiring, we’ve learned just how imperative one person’s impact can be on the health of our team and organization, even as a part-time worker or college student. When done well, an exceptional recruiting strategy can serve as a long-term, sustainable succession and leadership opportunity, and recruiting the right interns can help you mold polished, future full-time employees for your business.

When we recruit marketers to work at DMA Solutions, we’re looking for people with a “marketing it factor” that are not only prepared to do the work outlined in the job description but also people that can adapt to the ever changing environment (of marketing, DMA and the produce industry) with a healthy attitude, sense of ownership, and passion for the work that we do on a daily basis.

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Topics: Career Development, Sales & Business Development

Are You Prepared to Handle the California Drought?

Posted by: Dan'l Mackey Almy

Apr 22, 2015 11:52:36 AM

For fresh produce growers throughout the State of California, the current buzz surrounding the drought is not a new topic. In fact, many of you have likely been aware and actively working toward solutions to reduce and better your water usage for decades. Depending on where you are located, you may feel confident that you have a handle on the situation – and many fresh produce growers most certainly have a secure infrastructure in place to allow for sustainable water use. But what many fresh produce companies have not secured are internal and external communications strategies that will empower and educate not only their employees, but the public, too. This is where public relations (PR) comes into play.

As the media puts agriculture under a microscope with its focus on the California drought, seemingly the fresh produce industry has remained remarkably silent. I believe growers could be missing an opportunity to utilize Public Relations and structured communications strategies to educate the public and our own employees about our water story and what we’re doing to conserve our resources.

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Is Climate Change Good For Fresh Produce Sales?

Posted by: Brock Nemecek

Apr 21, 2015 11:54:46 AM

Climate Change – be it myth or malady – is evident in supermarkets across the US.  That’s a bold statement, especially if we were talking about the global weather pattern definition of climate.  But instead, (and fortunately for the fresh produce industry) we’re talking about a completely different type of climate change. I’m referring to the noted decrease in the sales of processed food items in grocery stores throughout the country. 

A recent story from NPR’s Marketplace broadcast tells the story of this phenomenon: many Americans are turning away from foods with ingredients that aren't fresh or natural. Indeed the climate of consumer food preferences in the marketplace is changing, and this provides a huge opportunity for fresh produce marketers to use their strategy to drive and increase sales for their products.

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The Untapped Potential of Your Sustainability Story

Posted by: DMA Solutions Team

Apr 17, 2015 10:21:00 AM

Guest Blog Post Written by Nikki Rodoni, Founding principal of Measure To Improve, LLC (MTI)

Sustainability isn’t a new concept for our industry. In fact, sustainability has always been a part of the DNA of most farming/processing operations – we just haven’t always communicated our efforts very well in our marketing.

The reality is that our industry has long been making widespread efforts to improve resource consumption through increased efficiencies - being able to produce more with less, taking good care of our employees and simply staying in business by innovating along the way.

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3 Reasons Why Marketing to Kids is a Must for Fresh Produce

Posted by: Marci Allen

Apr 15, 2015 10:58:33 AM

There is much debate on the topic of marketing to children, so much that national and international advocacy groups have taken up the cause of protecting children from the influence of targeted advertising. And while we at DMA recognize the negative consequences – both psychologically and physically – that unrestrained/unharnessed advertising to children can lead to, the reality is that for fresh produce companies, marketing to kids is actually an unparalleled opportunity to make a positive impact in the marketplace…and to your bottom line.

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Topics: Marketing Tools & Trends

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