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20 Pinterest Statistics Every Fresh Produce Marketer Should Know


Posted By:

Megan Zweig

Shoes Recently on a jaunt to shop for new spring fashion essentials for my closet, I stopped in my TOMS tracks when I noticed a new POS strategy on the store shelf of one of my favorite department stores (see photo right).

The Pinterest logo had been placed, by a very smart marketer, on a pair of shoes that had qualified as a “Top Pin” on the store’s Pinterest page.

Why this matters to fresh produce companies?

  1. Pinterest has 70 million users (TheNextWeb)
  2. 70% of Pinterest’s 70 million users are located in the U.S. (SemioCast)
  3. 81% of U.S. online consumers say they trust information and advice on Pinterest (BlogHer)
  4. 57% of Pinterest users pin, re-pin and interact with food-related content. (Wishpond) Read the rest of this entry »

Nine Truths and a Lie About Authentic Environmental Messages

DMA Solutions Team

Posted By:

DMA Solutions Team

Hillary Headshot By Guest Blogger Hillary Femal – VP of Global Marketing for IFCO Systems

Today is Earth Day and environmental messaging is abundant for many marketers looking to connect with their target audiences. Talking about the environment and the impact of your products or services on the earth’s resources can prove to be a challenge for many marketers, even in the fresh produce industry. At IFCO, we’re no strangers to this type of messaging – sharing our environmental story is something we do for our customers every day. If you’re a fresh produce marketer, don’t let yourself believe that sharing environmental stories with your customers has to be complicated. Here are nine truths (and one lie) about authentic environmental messaging to help guide your stories from Earth Day and throughout the year:

  1. TRUTH: Environmental is personal. To some of your customers, “environmental” means the packaging you use (or don’t use), and to others it means land stewardship and operations, and to others it might mean local, family-run, or organic. By knowing what your customers value when it comes to their environmental footprint, you can better tailor your message to serve their personal needs in the best possible way. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Become A Trusted Brand


Posted By:

Marci Allen

BRAND What sets your brand apart from your competitors?

When first beginning to work with a new produce client, that question is one of the most important questions we can ask.  Not because we don’t have our own opinions about a company’s value or what they stand for, but because our opinion is inconsequential to what a company knows about their own brand, how they have captured that brand understanding, and how they practice that brand’s value day after day.

Last year I attended a helpful webinar by John Morgan, author of Brand Against the Machine, titled How to Become a Trusted Brand and Industry Leader. Morgan provided a fantastic perspective for what sets companies apart from their competition that I wanted to resurface for produce marketers to consider today: the only difference between you and your competition is your brand.  And your brand is defined by how your customers and potential customers feel about you, their perception about you and their trust and connection with you. Read the rest of this entry »

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