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14 Seriously FRESH Fourth of July Recipes You’ll Love

Posted by: Mackenzie Michel

Jul 1, 2015 12:40:07 PM

As Independence Day Celebrations commence for Americans, many of us have one very patriotic thing on our minds: FOOD. That’s right, the Fourth of July is the most popular holiday for Americans to fire up their grills, with 68% of those surveyed claiming they plan to do just that when the holiday rolls around. In fact, the Fourth of July tops the list of holidays in which Americans like to grill.

So for fresh produce marketers, this is a star-spangled opportunity to share not only recipe ideas and inspiration, but also capitalize on the family and tradition aspects of this holiday if you’re one of the many growers that celebrates a rich and long-standing heritage rooted in the American Dream.

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Topics: Recipes & Office Eats

7 Ways to Get Consumer PR Without a Big Budget

Posted by: Brock Nemecek

Jun 30, 2015 1:35:00 PM

In the past, consumer public relations successes were often directly tied to big budgets and big agencies. And while both of these are still “biggies” that can produce results, we are lucky to now have both the skills and access to tools to position our brands, products and stories to earn coveted media coverage without the backing of a “big agency.” If consumer PR is something that you want to utilize but have not yet figured out how to make it work for your brand, these 7 tips will give you a starting point to position your brand and company as a resource to the media.

  1. Watch/Read/Listen – become a regular consumer of the media within which you would like to be featured. Learn what types of stories your target media platforms are sharing and tailor your pitch to fit.

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Topics: Public Relations

These Brands Are Ready For Fresh Produce Partners

Posted by: Brock Nemecek

Jun 26, 2015 12:29:12 PM

The benefits of partnering with other companies that share or complement your values, target audiences and brand voice are many.  And there are countless CPG, culinary & kitchen brands that are ready to pair with fresh produce to broaden their own appeal to the demographics that actively seek and consume your fresh products.  We frequently engage with these complementary companies across all social channels and on behalf of our clients – and there is one question that we’re hearing more and more:  How can we work together?

CPG, culinary & kitchen brands (and even non-competing fresh brands) seek to work with the fresh products that they know their customers choose and use along with their products.  Co-promotions are one of the primary ways fresh brands can work with other brands in a way that is mutually beneficial. Here are a few reasons to consider these types of partnerships:

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Topics: Branding & Messaging, Social & Mobile Media

What Produce Marketers are Saying about Public Relations

Posted by: Mackenzie Michel

Jun 24, 2015 11:14:05 AM

Through recent conversations with many of you about your marketing efforts, goals, struggles and successes, we have picked up on a pattern: marketers in the fresh produce industry are grappling with how to effectively utilize public relations to reach the growing number of audiences that we need to reach on a regular basis. 

This dilemma makes perfect sense to us.  We’ve spent a lot of time studying the role of public relations in fresh produce and it’s a gray area, to say the least.  We heard from many of you that PR is often called upon in times of crisis, but

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Topics: Public Relations, Marketing Tools & Trends

Building PR Relationships on Social Media

Posted by: Beth Atkinson

Jun 23, 2015 12:24:00 PM

Social media has become more than just an opportunity for friends to connect with each other, or even for brands to connect to their consumers – it’s become a valuable tool for public relations professionals to establish and nurture media relationships. While emailing, phone calls and face-to-face meetings still play a key role in media relations, it’s important that we, as marketers, use social media on a daily basis to connect with influencers across the country (and world!) on a more personal level.

Tips to start actively engaging with influencers via social media:

  • Follow food and news media – This is a fundamental approach that will allow for us to see what trending topics are for each media outlet, what their voice is and how they engage with fans on social media so that we are well prepared in our media pitching efforts via email, phone and in person.

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Topics: Social & Mobile Media, Public Relations

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