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Advertising and the Produce Industry: Highlights from a Loyola University Student’s Research

Posted by: Mackenzie Michel

May 27, 2016 12:44:38 PM

Several weeks ago, a bright student from Loyola University reached out to Brock to request an interview for a research project on fresh produce marketing. Maureen Baynes recently completed her capstone research project about advertising and promoting fruits and vegetables. To our delight, she was pointed in our direction to gain insights for her report. After speaking with Maureen and providing her with our insider’s take on the industry and marketing, she presented us with the final product. We enjoyed reading her takeways and asked if she would like to share them with our readers on The Core! So without further delay, here’s what we learned from Maureen:

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Why We Used LinkedIn to Recruit New Talent

Posted by: Megan Zweig

May 25, 2016 12:52:26 PM

Over the years, DMA Solutions has taken various routes to recruit bright and passionate people to join our company and work to increase the demand of fresh fruits and vegetables.  We’ve had great success utilizing the resources provided by The Center for Growing Talent by PMA and most recently, have fostered new talent through the Aggies for Fresh campaign along with many others. 

Recruitment is not for the faint of heart and as our company’s lead recruiter, let me just say that over the last six weeks, I have been overjoyed with the recruitment tool offered by the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn.

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Why I Love Working with Millennials

Posted by: Brock Nemecek

May 24, 2016 11:22:17 AM

For several months, our team at DMA was a “house divided.”  No, not because we have under one roof alumni from many esteemed and sometimes rival universities.  And certainly not because of a lack of team unity, synergy or collaboration.  Our divide was actually a decade.  About half our team members were 40-somethings (Gen Xers through and through), and the other half were Millennials in their 20s.  This team dynamic required each group to understand the other, to find the common ground that would ensure our agency continues to advance our mission of increasing demand of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

I’ve seen the blog posts and articles across the internet that list all the traits and behaviors that Millennials supposedly bring to the workplace. 

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Watch: Tradeshow Tips for Young Professionals

Posted by: Mackenzie Michel

May 20, 2016 12:36:31 PM

If you’re familiar with DMA and read our blog regularly, you know how passionate we are about recruiting talent and nurturing young professionals. We were overjoyed to host the cream of the crop from Texas A&M during the 2016 Viva Fresh Produce Show and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to host a webinar in 2015 for young professionals attending Fresh Summit.

Our friends at the Center for Growing Talent by PMA  are constantly working to provide helpful resources for young professionals entering our industry, just like the webinar Brock and I had the pleasure of hosting. Even though the webinar focused on Fresh Summit, we believe the content is applicable to young professionals attending any tradeshow at any time! With that in mind, we are just one month away from the annual United Fresh Produce Show, so we thought this was an opportune time to recommend this content to any young professional attending the show.

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Budgeting for Bloggers: You’re Doing It Wrong

Posted by: Beth Atkinson

May 18, 2016 12:50:03 PM

A question that often surfaces for us during marketing discussions is “how much do we need to budget for blog partnerships?” This has been a wildly inconsistent conversation for years, and something that can be uncomfortable for brands to think about. We hope to make it a little less uncomfortable by honing in on the process we’ve adapted, based on open and honest discussions we’ve had with the blogger community.

Here are a few things we need to consider when budgeting for blogger partnerships:

Time: Typically, a blog post can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours to write and format in a way that tells a compelling story. Pair that with the 6 to 8 hours that it takes to develop a recipe, shop for ingredients, prepare, test (and re-test if it’s not perfect), style, and photograph the recipe, and you’re looking at a minimum of 7 hours to produce a high-quality post.

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