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How To Become A Trusted Brand


Posted By:

Marci Allen

BRAND What sets your brand apart from your competitors?

When first beginning to work with a new produce client, that question is one of the most important questions we can ask.  Not because we don’t have our own opinions about a company’s value or what they stand for, but because our opinion is inconsequential to what a company knows about their own brand, how they have captured that brand understanding, and how they practice that brand’s value day after day.

Last year I attended a helpful webinar by John Morgan, author of Brand Against the Machine, titled How to Become a Trusted Brand and Industry Leader. Morgan provided a fantastic perspective for what sets companies apart from their competition that I wanted to resurface for produce marketers to consider today: the only difference between you and your competition is your brand.  And your brand is defined by how your customers and potential customers feel about you, their perception about you and their trust and connection with you. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Tradeshow Best Practices Every Fresh Produce Marketer Should Know


Posted By:

Megan Zweig

tradeshow Spring is in full bloom at DMA Solutions and that can only mean one thing – tradeshow season is just around the corner. There is nothing more exciting than walking a United Fresh, Fresh Summit, or other produce industry show floor. Over the past 10 years DMA has learned a thing or two from participating in tradeshows. In order to help you or your company focus marketing efforts and gear up for the upcoming tradeshows we’ve compiled a list of 10 Tradeshow Best Practices to share.

1. It’s not all about the party.

Sure, tradeshows are great – it’s a chance to catch up with colleagues from the produce industry, have a cocktail or two, and discuss the latest trends. However, tradeshows offer so much more. Before packing up and heading out take time to decide what you want to gain from the show. Set goals for what you want to accomplish and define what success will look like to you. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Attract Qualified Traffic to Your Tradeshow Booth


Posted By:

Brock Nemecek

traffic When your desk inbox is full to the point of avalanching with postcards that proclaim awaiting iPads and other prizes, you know a tradeshow is around the corner.  And while this tactic can deliver big results for companies marketing to broad target audiences at the top of the funnel, we don’t believe that mailers and prize drawings should be your only strategy for driving qualified foot traffic to your booth.

So what do we recommend for a well-rounded tradeshow marketing campaign?  While there’s not an iron-clad formula for delivering astronomical conversion rates, there are proven methods that may very well be the difference between a booth full of door prize hunters and one overflowing with sale-ready leads.

Send a Personal Invitation

The art of handwritten correspondence may have been trending the way of the dinosaur, but its decline in popularity has, in some ways, increased its effectiveness.  Handwritten notecards add unparalleled sincerity to an invitation resulting in increased sentiment and personalization that will have your very specific target audiences believing in your customer service efforts, before they even enter the booth. Read the rest of this entry »

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